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FutureEnergy Australia (FEA) welcomes the WA Government’s announcement of $4.72m Investment Attraction Fund support for the Narrogin FutureEnergy Park

FutureEnergy Australia is pleased to announce it has received a commitment from the WA Government’s Investment Attraction Fund to provide a contribution of $4.72 million toward FEA’s FutureEnergy Park in Narrogin.

In welcoming the announcement, FEA Chair Adrian Cook said “We welcome the State Government grant and thank them for considering FEA. It demonstrates the Government’s understanding of and support for developing a renewable fuels industry to support our State and nation’s transition to a more decarbonised economy”.

FEA Managing Director Jennifer Lauber Patterson said “We are so grateful for the support provided by the WA Government via both the Investment Attraction Fund and the Clean Energy Future Fund as we continue our work to bring new jobs and fuel security to Western Australia as part of the energy transition.”

Once built, the biorefinery aims to convert sustainably sourced woody biomass such as plant-based agricultural waste into renewable diesel using high-temperature pyrolysis.

Renewable diesel can replace conventional diesel without requiring modifications to diesel engines. It burns cleaner and has a lower emissions profile compared to conventional diesel. The produced renewable diesel also has the potential to be further refined into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

About FutureEnergy Australia

FEA was established as an incorporated joint venture between Frontier Impact Group and Carnarvon Energy in 2021 to build and operate renewable fuel biorefineries in Western Australia and establish Australia’s first large-scale renewable fuel business.

FEA has received a Clean Energy Future Fund grant administered by the State of Western Australia’s Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) and an Investment Attraction Fund grant administered by the State of Western Australia’s Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) to support the development of FEA’s first project in Narrogin, Western Australia.

Disclaimer: the WA Government does not endorse any information, product, process or outcome, arising from or in relation to the FEA Narrogin Project.

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